Alderney Department of Public Safety Privacy Policy


Section A

This document pertains to the official set of regulations upheld by the ADPS staff and the community. The rules listed below, apply to all current STAFF and MEMBERS. Rules that are not defined within this context, does not apply to a member. The interpretation of a regulation is up to the senior administrator. Rules are subject to change at any time. On behalf of the Alderney Department of Public Safety administration staff, members will NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES: Release any confidential information about ADPS or its member’s. Release, sell, or share the contents within the ADPS modpack unless strictly advised by an administrator. Individuals disclosing this information will be investigated and suspended and/or terminated. Release any information regarding the ADPS training’s that are conducted. Individuals disclosing this information will be investigated and suspended and/or terminated. Releasing a user's personal information will result in immediate termination without reason.


Section B Respect your fellow members. Treat them the way you wish to be treated. Impersonation is absolutely not accepted. Any impersonation of the donors, or administration will result in immediate termination. Any sexist, racial, swearing or homosexual slurs are not taken lightly. Any member being reported of this kind of activity will be warned / suspended, depending on the number of offenses committed. Mic spamming, for instance, playing music, yelling into the microphone or just being plain obnoxious is not acceptable unless authorized by an administrator or DJ. English will be the only language spoken during official patrols. Provoking other members to commit malicious/harmful acts will result in immediate dismissal/suspension. Office channels will be respected, no member will enter a superior office unless invited to do so. Failure to abide by this will result in write-up/suspension.


Section C Every individual is assigned two (2) suspensions. After the individual has exhausted both suspensions, they will be put on investigative leave, in which the suspected individual will be investigated by Internal Affairs. Suspensions are recorded and stored for twelve (12) months, unless authorization has been made to extend the hold on a record. Suspensions follow individuals until the day of expiration. Community Terminations can be disputed at the time of dismissal when the accused individual is spoken to by ADPS administration. Community Terminations cannot be disputed after the accused member has been terminated. The terminated member must wait the set amount of time to return and dispute it with ADPS administration.

Failure to abide by, and accept the regulations implemented will result in immediate termination without reason.

Last Updated : September 15, 2016